Housing Authorities Across State Prepare Renovations, Energy Efficiency Projects


Omaha, NE – March 19, 2009 – (RealEstateRama) — Nebraska’s Senator Ben Nelson announced today that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is sending more than $13 million to Nebraska for 98 public housing renovations and energy efficiency improvements in communities statewide as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

“With unemployment and homelessness rising each day due to our country’s current economic crisis, these funds are vital in ensuring the continued viability, safety and energy efficiency of public housing,” said Senator Nelson. “This money not only helps some of the people most in need, but it will provide numerous jobs for those making the improvements and make a lasting impact on Nebraska communities.”

The Omaha Housing Authority, the largest recipient of Nebraska public housing funds through the stimulus, is in the process of bidding a massive $6 million renovation project of a high rise complex. The stimulus package will cover a $3.2 million shortfall for this long-awaited and much needed project. An additional $1.9 million will be used to install sprinkler systems and upgrade fire safety systems in two additional high rise towers that are mandated by the Omaha Municipal Code, but have been shelved due to lack of funds.

“These projects will enhance the quality of life and provide for the safety of the authority’s low-income residents,” said Stan Timm, Executive Director of the Omaha Housing Authority. “In the spirit of providing economic impact through the stimulus funding effort, these projects will put many people to work including bricklayers, steamfitters, drywall hangers, painters, HVAC installers, concrete workers, window crafters, roofers and general laborers. The economic impact to the metro area will be much greater than the $5.1 million investment of stimulus funds.”

Other projects planned through this funding include installment of a high efficiency gas-fired boiler, elevator upgrades, replacement of the fire alarm system and complete kitchen renovations in Fremont. Hall County is planning to replace roofing at two developments, waterproof buildings currently having mold problems, expand the current parking lot and modernize the security system. The housing authority in Lincoln will replace the roofs at 13 single-family homes and add insulation to 50-year-old homes, among other projects. Many other projects are planned throughout the state.

Nebraska housing authorities are receiving this money through the HUD Public Housing Capital Fund formula allocation. This funding mechanism is one of a few that flows directly to each public housing authority, bypassing the need for state appropriation.

Below are the amounts each housing authority in Nebraska has received:

Omaha Housing Authority                      $5,095,156
Lincoln Housing Authority                      $674,919
Hall County Housing Authority                $657,433
Kearney Housing Authority                     $286,872
Ord Housing Authority                           $199,714
Red Cloud Housing Authority                 $77,762
Loup City Housing Authority                  $55,305
Lexington Housing Authority                  $145,805
Gresham Housing Authority                   $19,007
Nebraska City Housing Authority            $107,676
Humboldt Housing Authority                  $41,967
Syracuse Housing Authority                   $28,705
Benkelman Housing Authority                $59,577
Stromsburg Housing Authority               $53,457
Wymore Housing Authority                    $39,065
Clay Center Housing Authority                $45,766
Grant Housing Authority                         $29,243
Imperial Housing Authority                     $30,380
Neligh Housing Authority                       $51,454
Schuyler Housing Authority                    $101,618
Alma Housing Authority                         $23,795
David City Housing Authority                 $92,428
Burwell Housing Authority                      $114,900
Clarkson Housing Authority                    $39,342
Pawnee City Housing Authority              $88,521
Stanton Housing Authority                     $47,087
Fairbury Housing Authority                     $80,868
Blue Hill Housing Authority                     $64,443
Verdigre Housing Authority                    $25,650
Edgar Housing Authority                        $32,218
Creighton Housing Authority                  $51,518
Ainsworth Housing Authority                  $47,897
Deshler Housing Authority                     $50,013
Newman Grove Housing Authority          $27,832
Henderson Housing Authority                 $28,298
Coleridge Housing Authority                  $36,194
Albion Housing Authority                       $68,722
Crete Housing Authority                         $57,132
Greeley Housing Authority                     $19,968
Lynch Housing Authority                        $16,813
Hay Springs Housing Authority              $30,009
Wilber Housing Authority                       $44,481
Hooper Housing Authority                      $37,406
St. Paul Housing Authority                     $62,415
Minden Housing Authority                      $45,937
Sargent Housing Authority                     $30,465
Shelton Housing Authority                     $28,160
St. Edward Housing Authority                $24,670
Friend Housing Authority                       $45,168
Fairmont Housing Authority                    $26,755
Auburn Housing Authority                      $71,464
Tilden Housing Authority                        $28,621
Harvard Housing Authority                     $33,561
Oxford Housing Authority                      $32,422
Cambridge Housing Authority                $27,543
Bassett Housing Authority                     $33,166
Tekamah Housing Authority                   $39,832
Emerson Housing Authority                   $31,538
Plattsmouth Housing Authority               $86,687
Indianola Housing Authority                   $36,717
Oshkosh Housing Authority                   $29,553
Niobrara Housing Authority                    $28,815
Scotts Bluff County Housing Authority   $315,254
Nelson Housing Authority                      $22,928
Cozad Housing Authority                       $61,836
Weeping Water Housing Authority          $26,252
Bayard Housing Authority                      $30,267
Lyons Housing Authority                        $26,309
Aurora Housing Authority                       $59,049
Wood River Housing Authority               $30,047
Blair Housing Authority                          $143,030
Genoa Housing Authority                       $31,769
York Housing Authority                          $111,255
Falls City Housing Authority                   $138,510
Sutherland Housing Authority                 $31,338
Curtis Housing Authority                        $39,081
Tecumseh Housing Authority                  $33,250
Beemer Housing Authority                     $27,240
Fremont Housing Authority                    $427,219
Cairo Housing Authority                         $25,188
Hemingford Housing Authority               $25,013
Oakland Housing Authority                    $34,446
Columbus Housing Authority                  $137,490
Bridgeport Housing Authority                 $28,476
Gordon Housing Authority                     $38,799
Ravenna Housing Authority                    $29,732
Wayne Housing Authority                       $50,025
Gibbon Housing Authority                      $61,957
Ansley Housing Authority                       $28,652
Chappell Housing Authority                    $53,264
Broken Bow Housing Authority               $159,391
Gothenburg Housing Authority               $128,630
McCook Housing Authority                    $51,376
North Platte Housing Authority               $588,012
North Loup Housing Authority                $31,312
Alliance Housing Authority                     $125,391
Douglas County Housing Authority         $141,812
Bellevue Housing Authority                    $102,174

Senator Nelson played a key role in the passage of the $787 billion stimulus bill. He worked with a bipartisan group of nearly 20 Senators to better focus The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on tax cuts for the middle class and job creation for millions of Americans. Senator Nelson led the group to go through the initial bill line by line, dollar by dollar, to reduce spending and cut out $108 billion of inefficient or less-stimulative spending. The bipartisan group helped the improved bill win congressional approval. President Obama signed it into law February 17, 2009.

Senator Nelson is posting information about the release of stimulus finds on his website as it becomes available.  Visit http://bennelson.senate.gov/issues/stimulus/index.cfm for more information.




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